Steven G. Fox, Ph.D.
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  • Good psychotherapy always has been a careful balancing act between art and science. In the era of evidence based medicine, most can be trained to do the "science" of psychotherapy, but very few possess the gift of doing the "art" of therapy. Dr. Fox is one of the gifted few who delves creatively into the intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts of the clients that he treats. His interpretations of his clients' dreams appear to resonate with them in ways that touch and transform their lives. His book is a gift to those of us who still yearn to master the art of helping ourselves and others. - Geoffrey Hutchinson, Ph.D.
    Geoffrey Hutchinson Ph.D. Psychologist
  • Shakespeare's Hamlet said'to sleep,perchance to dream" and Mama Cass sang "dream a little dream of me." Steve Fox' new book would have made good reading for either of them. An extensive review of principles of dream interpretation gleaned from years of clinical practice. Recommended.
    Martin Boxer, MD
    Martin Boxer, M.D.
  • "A fascinating exploration of the mysteries in the playground of the unconscious. Dr. Fox's book has already helped me to help my clients understand themselves in a whole new way by diving into the deepest parts of themselves and to discover their own answers to the problems of their lives." - Dr. Carmen L. Lucia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    Dr. Carmen Lucia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • I am a clinical psychologist with 25 years of dream interpretation experience in private practice. I used information from dreams as part of a comprehensive approach to send my multiple sclerosis (MS) into complete remission after having MS for 15 years.
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