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Martin Roy Hill is the author of the military mystery thriller, The Killing Depths, and the award-winning DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, a collection of new and previously published short stories. Martin spent more than 20 years as a staff reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines, before becoming a Navy analyst specializing in battlefield medical operations. His freelance credits include Reader's Digest, LIFE, Newsweek, Omni, American History, Coast Guard Magazine, Retired Officer Magazine, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Opinion Section, and many more. Much of his freelance work involves historical topics, especially military history. He was a lead contributor to the 1995 WWII anthology, "From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki: America at War," published by the Retired Officer Association (now called the Military Officer Association). Martin's short stories have appeared in such publications as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Writer's Monthly, and the Plan B Mystery Anthology and webzine. His first book, DUTY, was named the Best Short Story Anthology/Collection by the San Diego Book Awards Association (SDBAA). His first novel, The Killing Depths, was a 2013 finalist for the SDBAA Sisters In Crime Mystery Award.
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Suspense and twists in author Martin Roy Hill’s new release Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella

Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella, the latest book by award-winning thriller author Martin Roy Hill, was released on November 15 and is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Early reviews call Eden a “thought-provoking” read “which will delight any who enjoy a unique turn of plot.”

According to its author, Eden takes place in the Iraqi desert during Operation Iraqi Freedom. “After 10 years of war in Iraq — and apparently more to come — it’s hard to remember that the country was the birthplace of human civilization,” Hill said. “It was in Iraq, formerly part of Mesopotamia, that the ancient Sumerians established the earliest cities and culture. Iraq is also the place where many historians believe the Biblical Garden of Eden was said to be located.”

The cover blurb describes the plot of Eden: “A sandstorm uncovers a long buried secret in the Iraqi desert, an ancient Sumerian temple dating back at least 6,000 years to the beginning of civilization. An American army patrol sent to investigate the ruins is trapped inside the temple’s eroded walls, first by an insurgent ambush then by another, even more powerful sandstorm. When an enemy mortar shell blasts an opening into a hidden burial chamber, Captain Adam Cadman and his soldiers take refuge deep in the ruins. What they find hidden inside threatens to destroy every belief about the beginnings of mankind—as well as modern civilization as we know it.”

Eden was a new experience for Hill. While he’s published sci-fi short stories in the past — the latest, “Hitler Is Coming,” was the cover story in the February 2014 issue of Alt Hist: The Magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternative History — Eden is his first book-sized work in the genre.

“I originally intended to include two alternative history short stories with Eden—the short story “Hitler Is Coming” (mentioned above), and “The Last President,” originally published in the Off the KUF Anthology, Vol. 2. However, my editor convinced me that Eden was such a strong and compelling story, it should stand on its own. How could I resist such reasoning?”

Both short stories will eventually be published again as Kindle Shorts.

Martin is the author of the military mystery thriller, The Killing Depths, the mystery thriller Empty Places, and the award-winning DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, a collection of new and previously published short stories.

All books are available in print and Kindle editions from, and in print from Barnes & Noble.

Countdown Deal Mystery Thriller EMPTY PLACES - Just 99 Cents
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The Kindle version of my latest mystery thriller Empty Places will available this week at a discounted price of only 99 cents. 

The 3-day Amazon Countdown promotion runs from May 15 to May 17 and offers a savings of $3. 
Empty Places, which was named Thriller of the Month by in March, tells the story of a war weary journalist who seeks redemption by solving the murder of his ex-wife, a woman he still loves.

The year is 1987. America is clawing its way out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Washington pursues illegal and unpopular wars in Central America. In the wealthy desert playground of Palm Springs, storefronts that once catered to the rich sit empty and shuttered. Crowds of bored rich teenagers in designer clothing entertain themselves with expensive cars and cheap drugs, while those less fortunate haunt darkened street corners, offering themselves for sale.

This is the country to which war correspondent Peter Brandt returns. Physically and mentally scarred by the horrors he's covered, Peter comes home to bury his ex-wife, TV reporter Robin Anderson, only to discover she had been brutally murdered. With the local police unwilling to investigate her death, Peter sets out with retired cop Matt Banyon to expose Robin's killer. They uncover a shadowy world of anti-communists, drug smugglers, and corrupt politicians, and lay bare old wounds - including Peter's deep guilt over his failed marriage. In a final, cliff-hanging struggle, Peter faces his own fears--and death in a dark and empty place.

Midwest Book Review called Empty Places "... an exceptional thriller ... readers are compelled to keep reading, drawn into a constantly-evolving story line."

Book Viral's reviewer said, "A powerful and memorable thriller, Empty Places will certainly be well received by fans of the genre and bodes well for the next novel from Martin Roy Hill. Highly recommended!"

Australian thriller author Liam Saville described Empty Places as "crime writing at its best."

Grab your copy of Empty Places at Amazon.
DUTY Named Best Short Story Collection
  On June 22, I had the honor of my book, DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond, being named the 2012 Best Short Story Anthology/Collection by the San Diego Book Awards Association (SDBAA).
  The Killing Depths, my military mystery thriller, was also a finalist in the SDBAA Sisters In Crime Mystery Award category.
Awards were presented to authors of published and unpublished books and short stories in 27 categories of fiction and nonfiction.
The SDBAA was founded in 1994 by author Chet Cunningham. More information on  SDBAA and this year's winners and finalists can be found at their website.