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I'm a writer not only of novels but also short stories and short- and feature-length screenplays. I was a semi-finalist in the 2009 British Short Screenplay Competition and in 2012 was commissioned to write a 90-minute feature for SeeView Pictures.
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I don't know what all the fuss was about...
Smashwords has approved 'Tiberius Found' into their Premium catalog (US spelling) and has been distributed through to their partner resellers.
It's currently live with Barnes & Noble in the US but still waiting to be fully available on the other numerous networks. Hopefully they will be process it in the next week or so.
It did fall...
Me and my big mouth. However, in my defence it was some spurious formatting that Word decided to include and nothing that I set.
Not that that made my task of tidying it up any easier.
Anyway, swearing bout out of the way and re-submission now going back through the review process. Fingers crossed.
And so now to Smashwords
After a gruelling day trying to format the Tiberius Found Word document so that it was acceptable to the Smashwords metagrinder, I was ecstatic when it finally passed all the "is it what we want" filters and went live.  Phew.
It's currently pending review to be accepted as 'Premium Status' which will allow a wider distribution, but there's nothing to suggest that it'll fall at that hurdle.