Andrew Goodman
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  • The book is set up for at least one sequel, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!
    tHe crooked WorD (Amazon reviewer)
  • The story was very well written and moved quickly enough that I did not find myself bored at any point.
    For it's good ol' fashioned Saturday afternoon matinee-type adventure, I give this book 5 stars.
    Matt Bower
  • Brilliantly written, interesting characters and twists throughout.
    It was addictive reading as the plot was slowly revealed. Can't wait for the sequel!
    Gemma Baker
  • Good read! Fast paced. Great escapism. Would make a good film. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. Highly recommended.
    Jo Marriott
  • Tiberius Found was wonderfully well written, and highly suspenseful!
    Emily (Sitting With A Book, review site)
  • This book is full of great characters. Daniel is very believable.
    Rebecca McKinnon
  • I downloaded some of your short stories a while ago and recently get round to reading them. I enjoyed them, particularly The Regret of Cause and Effect. So I thought I would download Tiberius Found, now I wish I could say I enjoyed it as much as your short stories but I can’t.
    It’s f**king awesome!
    It’s a totally cracking read I am only 30% into it and I’m hooked. Well done. I am going to have to buy Tiberius Bound as soon as I finish this one.
    Can’t say more at the moment as I am meant to be working, but had to say what a good job I think you have done. Masterly.
    Rik Payne
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    I don't know what all the fuss was about...
    Smashwords has approved 'Tiberius Found' into their Premium catalog (US spelling) and has been distributed through to their partner resellers.
    It's currently live with Barnes & Noble in the US but still waiting to be fully available on the other numerous networks. Hopefully they will be process it in the next week or so.
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    It did fall...
    Me and my big mouth. However, in my defence it was some spurious formatting that Word decided to include and nothing that I set.
    Not that that made my task of tidying it up any easier.
    Anyway, swearing bout out of the way and re-submission now going back through the review process. Fingers crossed.
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