Robert Carter
  • As a child I lived in Sydney, Australia, returning to England aboard the P&O liner Orcades. I went on to study Astrophysics at Newcastle University where I read a lot of science fiction, wrote my own stories and launched the university's first science fiction society.
    After that I worked in the oil industry in the USA, and was posted to parts of the Middle East and the war-torn heart of Africa. It was both dangerous and well-paid. More than once I came close to being killed - and plenty of good men I knew never came home. I went to remote places like the Rub al Khali and the Congo, and I saw things most people don't see, or ever want to.
    In my 20's I travelled around Europe, China, Japan, took tea with the heir of the last king of Upper Burma near Mandalay, and on the road to Everest base camp I just happened to run into Sir Edmund Hillary. After travelling around most of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia , I returned home and got a job with the BBC. Four years later, I left the BBC to write.