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  • Stowaway to the Stars isn't a perfect sci-fi book, but it's an exciting and fast paced debut book, which will appeal to experienced sci-fi readers and newcomers alike. I think that the author's fluent writing style will charm the readers, because he's clearly written this book out of love for sci-fi adventures.

    I hope that Graham Keeler continues to write science fiction, because he's a promising new author and he seems to have interesting ideas.

    In my opinion Graham Keeler's Stowaway to the Stars is a fascinating and well written sci-fi adventure, which offers fast paced fun to several readers. It's possible that this book will remind readers of how much fun it is to read fast paced sci-fi adventures. If you're looking for a new sci-fi book to read, this book is a good choice, because it's an entertaining book.
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  • Graham Keeler was born in Hertfordshire and grew up in neighbouring Essex. He studied Physics at Queen Mary College, London, and graduated in 1965 with First Class Honours, continuing to a PhD in 1969. He lectured in Physics at Salford University from 1970, developing an interest in the computational side of the subject. He retired from full-time teaching in 2002, but continued to work part-time at the University until 2012.

    His interests include badminton and tennis, which he still plays on a regular basis, representing local clubs in league matches. He also enjoys playing bridge, and flying. He has a private pilot’s licence and has toured in the UK and abroad, making his longest journey in 2002, to Marrakesh. He is fascinated by anything to do with astrophysics and space travel, and applied to be a British candidate for the first American Spacelab mission.

    He has written, co-authored and edited seven books on various aspects of microcomputers and the development of physics software simulations. Stowaway to the Stars is his first science fiction novel.