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Blog post: Book 2 nerves! 29/05/13

I remember watching music TV shows with bands and pop groups and pop stars talking about their second album nerves. Would the second album be as well received as the first (which no doubt went platinum and sold millions of copies)? Would it also reach number one? Would they lose their fan base following because of it?

Now, I can't profess to having reached 'number one' with my first book 'Dig Deeper'. I didn't win any awards or break any records, but I am definitely suffering 'second album (book) nerves! Dig Deeper was so well received and I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback I got and the number of people that asked 'when's the next on due out then?!' 

My self-publishing of book one and writing of book two overlapped and so just 4 months after the release of my first self-published writing endeavour, book two is ready to go. Come June 1st it will be out on the kindle ready to be scrutinised by all who care to download it!

AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! (Hmmm.... excuse me)

These are scary times! I cannot be the only writer to have experienced this! Can I? Me thinks not. I hear myself echoing those musical artists' questions; will it be as well received as the first book? Will it also get as many downloads as the first book? Will I lose any of my fan base following because of it?

I hope the answers to those questions are yes, yes (and more!) and that order! 

Having given the book to two proof readers my anxieties have been calmed somewhat by their positive reactions to it. But oh how I squirmed as I waited for their feedback! Nevertheless, I am ready to unleash 'Virtual Reality' onto the world of readers! 

You'll see I put a little thank you in the acknowledgements to all the readers of my first novel and I shall reiterate that here. THANK YOU! Without the readers there really is little point in this. I mean, I have loved writing from such an early age when it wasn't about an audience and I'll always write no matter what, but now I have the added pleasure of hoping to produce something that people other than myself can enjoy. It truly is a pleasure and a privilege. 

I aim to write things that feel real; that have romance, that have twists and turns, shocks and humour. Just like real life. And do they have happy endings? Well, that's for you to decide ;)

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