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Blog post: An indie authors life 22/04/13

So three months in to being a published indie author and I think am really getting a feel for it. To summarise: it is hard work! I didn't think it would be easy but I guess I had the idea that writing a book would possibly be the hardest bit. Boy was I wrong!

Designing websites and Facebook pages and getting a Twitter page- all pretty standard. Work is involved in all of that but then the real hard work comes. Trying to get people to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter is one thing. Then the next stage is making sure you engage those people so they are actually reading what you put on your pages and adding to it. Marketing the book to people other than your circle of friends takes skill and time and I'm still trying to work it all out! 

But it is definitely worth all the trouble. I got my first payment of royalties through this month and, no, I am not a millionaire or anywhere close, but it is nice to know I got a bit of spare change from people reading my creative pursuit. The second book is more or less ready to go so I am hoping that will bump things up in the royalties department. And a third book? I have my ideas brewing and a few things down on paper (in a word document) so it is definitely going to happen, possibly nearer the end part of the year.

So am I glad I took the indie author route? Hell yeah I am! The control over book titles and covers and release dates is great. I have a fab 'team' behind me proof reading through my stuff and designing my book covers. I'm happy with it all. And on to month 4 we go...

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