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Sonia Loren was born and lives in London, England. She is a qualified Counselling Psychologist and fused her love for her work and her love for writing in her debut fictional novel Dig Deeper.

She recalls one of the happiest days of her childhood being when she reached the age that she could increase the number of books she was allowed to take out of the library to read. She started writing creatively at age 11 and has written a number of short stories and poems.
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Blog post: Book 2 nerves! 29/05/13

I remember watching music TV shows with bands and pop groups and pop stars talking about their second album nerves. Would the second album be as well received as the first (which no doubt went platinum and sold millions of copies)? Would it also reach number one? Would they lose their fan base following because of it?

Now, I can't profess to having reached 'number one' with my first book 'Dig Deeper'. I didn't win any awards or break any records, but I am definitely suffering 'second album (book) nerves! Dig Deeper was so well received and I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback I got and the number of people that asked 'when's the next on due out then?!' 

My self-publishing of book one and writing of book two overlapped and so just 4 months after the release of my first self-published writing endeavour, book two is ready to go. Come June 1st it will be out on the kindle ready to be scrutinised by all who care to download it!

AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! (Hmmm.... excuse me)

These are scary times! I cannot be the only writer to have experienced this! Can I? Me thinks not. I hear myself echoing those musical artists' questions; will it be as well received as the first book? Will it also get as many downloads as the first book? Will I lose any of my fan base following because of it?

I hope the answers to those questions are yes, yes (and more!) and that order! 

Having given the book to two proof readers my anxieties have been calmed somewhat by their positive reactions to it. But oh how I squirmed as I waited for their feedback! Nevertheless, I am ready to unleash 'Virtual Reality' onto the world of readers! 

You'll see I put a little thank you in the acknowledgements to all the readers of my first novel and I shall reiterate that here. THANK YOU! Without the readers there really is little point in this. I mean, I have loved writing from such an early age when it wasn't about an audience and I'll always write no matter what, but now I have the added pleasure of hoping to produce something that people other than myself can enjoy. It truly is a pleasure and a privilege. 

I aim to write things that feel real; that have romance, that have twists and turns, shocks and humour. Just like real life. And do they have happy endings? Well, that's for you to decide ;)

Blog post: An indie authors life 22/04/13

So three months in to being a published indie author and I think am really getting a feel for it. To summarise: it is hard work! I didn't think it would be easy but I guess I had the idea that writing a book would possibly be the hardest bit. Boy was I wrong!

Designing websites and Facebook pages and getting a Twitter page- all pretty standard. Work is involved in all of that but then the real hard work comes. Trying to get people to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter is one thing. Then the next stage is making sure you engage those people so they are actually reading what you put on your pages and adding to it. Marketing the book to people other than your circle of friends takes skill and time and I'm still trying to work it all out! 

But it is definitely worth all the trouble. I got my first payment of royalties through this month and, no, I am not a millionaire or anywhere close, but it is nice to know I got a bit of spare change from people reading my creative pursuit. The second book is more or less ready to go so I am hoping that will bump things up in the royalties department. And a third book? I have my ideas brewing and a few things down on paper (in a word document) so it is definitely going to happen, possibly nearer the end part of the year.

So am I glad I took the indie author route? Hell yeah I am! The control over book titles and covers and release dates is great. I have a fab 'team' behind me proof reading through my stuff and designing my book covers. I'm happy with it all. And on to month 4 we go...

Blog post: Free Sunshine 05/03/13

So spring officially starts on March 20th this year. About time too. Is it just me or does every winter just seem to get worst than the last and has this winter lasted the longest time ever or what? As a prelude to Spring there were a few seconds of sunshine last Wednesday 27th February and then yesterday, 4th March, it was a beautiful sunny day! I felt like a wilted flower turning it's head to the sunshine and slowly opening it's petals. Honestly, I thrive off the sun so this extended winter has been most painful for me. It's nice to know that flying across the world will soon not be the only option available for my fix of sunshine. Not heat mind you, I am aware that UK sunshine can appear sans heat, but that really is OK... for now. At least this sunshine is minus the cost of air fare and so will be free! Speaking of which...

People really like freeness! It sounds obvious to state it and it is not as if it is something I hadn't known all along (I like a freebie as much as the next guy!) but after having placed Dig Deeper on a 2 day free promotion on Amazon and seeing my book downloads rocketing it really brought it home! That coupled with comments like  'Oh it's free now? I paid for mine!!' and requests of 'Can I get a free copy?' after the promotion had ended, just highlighted the power of free. I'm a bargain hunter myself. I'm signed up to loads of voucher sites that email me daily cheap offers on days out, meals, shopping and the like. I'm not criticising people's need for free, it just has me thinking. Hmmm...  how to get across the message that buying my book Dig Deeper (currently on sale via Amazon for just £1.60!) is a brilliant bargain? Maybe what I need to do is a bit of market research to find out the price people are most willing to pay for an ebook online and see if I can please the masses. I'm still finding my way around with my new identity of indie author. Oh which reminds me, a quick shout out to Bev for taking my hand and walking me through the world of indie authors...and all for free! Thanks Bev. I guess everything will eventually get clearer over time! 

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