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Hello there. I was born in Europe but have lived most of my life in Australia. I spent the last 33 years in Tasmania, though now I reside permanently in Queensland.
I have been writing for about twenty years or more now, but it is not my only hobby. I also like to indulge in some needlework on occasion, and I love to read. I’m a bit of a movie buff as well when I get a moment to spare. All these things can be very inspiring and it doesn’t take much for the imagination to get cranked up. As horrifying as it might sound I am working on about a dozen books/novellas all up at this moment, with some in different genres. I love the scope that I have to play with and the characters I can invent. It keeps my mind busy and my work varied.
My career as a published author began in 2012 with The Ring of Curses (#1 in the Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children series). In the meantime, Sword of Stone (#2 in the same series) has just been released. RIVERBEND; A Collection of Fairy Tales and Other Stories, and BITS AND PIECES – An Anthology of Bits of Stories and Pieces of Poetry are other pieces that I have branched out into, away from my usual genre of children’s fantasy. Currently I have a YA novella in the making (to be released in September 2016) and an adult fantasy novella, as well as #3 in my series, The Grail and Back Again.
Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children #1 - The Ring of Curses was nominated for the Ditmar awards, and I was also featured in the Premier’s Reading Challenge twice, 2014 and 2015.
I'm currently an adjudicator for the Maryborough Eisteddfod in Queensland, Australia.

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