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I am new to blogging...sort of. I have tried over the years and fail each time. Blogging and fiction writing are NOT the same thing.

But I will introduce myself a bit just to get things going. I grew up a middle child of sorts. The second daughter and fourth child out of six children. My father was military and so we moved  about every two years until I turned 13 at which point my father retired in Cheney, Washington. 

We had never lived in the north except when we lived in Idaho where I and my next brother were born. Mostly we lived in Texas but we had also lived in Tennessee, California twice, Virginia and of course Texas three times. I say of course because my grandmother lived in Bellville, Texas and so my father tried to be as close to her as possible. As a result I consider myself Texan even though I barely lived there 6 years of my 51 on this earth! It simply hurts to admit that I am a Washingtonian!

Ha! And yes I have been told that at times I use too many exclamations. But, what if I  really am exclaiming? (Or a character...) 

One of the most memorable things about moving was finding the library. My mother was an avid reader. She read to us children often and fostered this love in most of us as well. Certainly in me. I always as a young child searched for the same books....Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, illustrated by Maurice Sendak http://www.harpercollinschildrens.com/books/Little-Bear/?isbn13=9780064440042&tctid=100
Sendak is among my most favorite illustrators, a rant about that may  arrive another day.

Another book I always sought was Blueberries for Sal  by Robert McCloskey. I think it made me feel like, "Yes I am home." As I had children of my own I continued to get those books to read to them. Sharing what we love is part of parenting. Now I have grandchildren and I ensure that I take the ones that live near me to the library every summer for the Summer reading programs. 

Traditions are a beautiful thing...and "Yay me!" I have little someones to share them with.

P.S. Here is a fine reading of Blueberries for Sal...and note how well loved the book is :P

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