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How I began to Write
I have enjoyed  writing.  When I sat down to write my very first story in 2009 I had no idea it would turn into a novel. I had joined storywrite.com and a contest prompt stirred my imagination and I simply could not stop writing for a month.

I suppose that was the day my husband lost his wife and my children lost their mother. Not that I am entirely gone from their lives I still make dinner most days and do a load of laundry almost daily as well. But yes, time in front of the pc has become an addiction now. Even if I am not actively writing I simply love being here..

Back to the story I wrote though... the prompt was to describe a birth. That was it. Having had eight children of my own I am certainly interested in children... being a fantasy fanatic...well I wondered what the birth of a Fairy would be like.

Magical surely.

I began with the story of Aerrvin and how he meets Mara. By the time I had written four novels I had just barely gotten them married! I have since begun a novel about  the product of that union...but began with her middle years so even then I did not show how  ashe was born... haha it was truly magical I know...because I did describe a birth of a different character in book three...but he was an Elf...and in fact Mara is an Elf as well and so even though Aerrvin is a Fairy, their firstborn turns out to be an Elf as well.

That is what I love about writing... finding out what is going to happen. I am not one to plan the story and then write. I simply write and it goes where it will. But of course now that I am editing I do see the value of having a sketch of where things are going. And now that I have written nearly six novels in the same world, I can see more clearly where the story is going. 

And I like what I see...

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