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  • Lindsey Gray has weaved a truly beautiful tale of not only young love, but how young love grows and transforms along with the maturity level of the individuals themselves. This is a story of trust; how damaging it is when it’s broken or misused, and how healing it can be when it is shared and respected. It is also a story of strength and family values. Alone, the hardships faced in this story are enough to swallow the individual whole, but together, as a couple or family, they were able to draw strength from each other and overcome any feat or fear.

    This story does deal with some sensitive issues, but Gray handles them with care, respect and professionalism.

    This story was so touching, from beginning to end, and I honestly cannot tell you how many times it moved me beyond words. By the end I felt as though I had run an emotional marathon. I have shared many tears of joy and sadness alongside the characters, I have been so happy that I laughed out-loud, and I have been so angry that I wanted to inflict serious bodily harm.

    I was honestly tempted to write a review of only three words. And even though short, would convey everything I wanted to say – a must read. It was truly beautiful, and I feel honored to have read it.
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  • Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. She has written three full-length novels and one short story for The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House and is now taking the self-publishing leap with her novella, "Fireworks".

    A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and making life interesting at each and every turn.