Solstice Horizons
  • Noir Town walks a delicate balance between pastiche and true-noir. The novel takes off fast and doesn't slow down from start to finish. Lots of fun!
    Andy McCrae, author
  • W. H. Matlack
    W.H. Matlack bio

    W.H. Matlack is a prolific writer of short stories and some poetry. In partnership with artist, Don Ramie, Will has also published a series of comic books for Forbidden City Comics, his own publishing house for graphic stories. Recently, his friend and fellow author, Andy McCrae, read one of Will's short stories written in the noir style and encouraged him to produce a noir-based novel. Will agreed to work on it to see how far he could get before writing himself into a corner. Actually, he wrote himself into several corners, but he was always able to escape somehow – much like his characters in the story.

    When Noir Town, his first novel, was completed, Will discovered that the plot had been done at least seven different ways by other authors. So after a month of re-writing the story with a new plot, he was ready to find a publisher. Solstice Publishing picked up the book which is available at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. When not marketing the book, Will works on his second novel, which, as he puts it will be even more bazaar than the first.