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  • Dr. Artur Afonso Sousa is currently Associate Professor at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal. He received his Ph. D. in Information Sciences from Fernando Pessoa University, Portugal, in 2013. He received his MS degree in Information Systems (XML and Databases) from Minho University, Portugal, in 2001, and his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Coimbra University, Portugal, in 1998. Artur is cofounder of the project Liberopinion, finalist in the European eDemocracy Award 2010. He is also cofounder of the company Libertrium. The company's mission is to contribute to the promotion of a more open and participatory society, by providing innovative technology-based solutions. He is currently engaged in three research and development projects in the area of e-participation, namely Liberopinion, iLeger and Governmeter. Artur is author of a book about XML and Databases, and have several publications in the fields of e-participation, web services, databases and XML. His scientific interests include: E-participation, Social Media and participation, User interfaces and User Experience for e-participation platforms, E-government enterprise architectures, Web 2.0 applications, Information overload, Data analysis, Information retrieval, Knowledge management, Semantic Web and ontologies, Expert systems and decision support.